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Elisa Palomino's (UAL) PhD thesis was successfully submitted February 2022.

The work covers a wide range of subjects related to the use of fish skin, with an appendix dedicated to the work Elisa did while being a researcher in FISHSkin EU Horizon 2020-MSCA-RISE project; see page 473 for the detailed work done as part of the project.

Elisa Palomin (UAL), Katrin Káradóttir (IUA), Lotta Rhame, Joseph Boon

Published in: Around the Campfire – Resilience and Intelligence, Cumulus Conference Rovaniemi.

Elisa Palomin (UAL), Joseph Boon

Published in: Textiles, Identity and Innovation: In TouchProceedings of the 2nd International Textile Design Conference (D_TEX 2019), June 10, 2020.

Elisa Palomino (UAL), Gustavo Defeo (ArsT)

Published in: 'Design Research for Change' (DR4C) symposium at the Design Museum, London, UK.

Elisa Palomin (UAL), Katrin Káradóttir (IUA), Edwin Phiri (UAL)

Published in: International Foundation of Fashion Technologies Institutes. IFFTI conference. Kent, Ohio USA.

Elisa Palomin (UAL), Katrin Káradóttir (IUA)

Published in: In Fashion: Culture, Commerce, Craft, and Identity.

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