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Seeking eco-friendly material; scale up fish-skin handbags

"A designer and an engineer join an EU-funded project to test the viability of recycling piscine waste into leather for the fashion industry; they feel success is in the bag". The times of Israel has published the story of the fruitful collaboration between three FISHSkin partners: Tanned skins from Nordic Fish Leather of Iceland were digitally printed by Israeli based Kornit Digital, featuring the work of designer Ori Topaz from Shenkar, who designed the prints and the handbags made of it.

Author Sharon Wrobel writes: "As part of the joint project, Farber and Topaz combined creativity with engineering, overcoming the technological hurdles that faced digital ink printing on fish skin, to design and manually craft two artisanal handbags, which they say serve as a proof of concept that they can be manufactured on an industrial level."

Photography: Achikam Ben Yosef, Ori Topaz

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