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IIT - Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Marta Fadda, Athanassia Athanassiou, Giovanni Perotto

We are inviting you to have a look at the photo in our post from March 6, 2023 and see how fish leather, which paradoxically is not naturally hydrophobic - becomes one. Now, proudly, the full article"Water resistant fish leather: a fully sustainable combination of discarded biomass and by-products of the food industry" is available in Green Chemistry of the Royal Socity of Chemistry.

Link to the open access full articl

FISHSKin researchers Elisa Palomino, Katrín María Káradóttir and Mitsuhiro Kokita presented their article "Traditional Fish Leather Dyeing Methods with Indigenous Arctic Plants" at the Dyes in History and Archeology 2023 conference in Copenhagen, written together with Lotta Rahme and Sygmundur Freysteinsson.

In the end of October FISHKIN project took part in the Festival Della Scienza in Genova, the main festival for dialogue between science and society in Italy. Under this year’s theme “Footprints” FISHSkin speakers shared part of FISHSkin's portfolio of fish skin dyeing, printing and fabrication and traditional use of fish leather, as well as sustainability aspects of this new material and innovative strategies for improving its properties via sustainable coating and finishing. FISHSkin speakers were representatives from 3 out of the 10 partners of the project: Katrin Karadottir from Iceland University of the Arts, Gustavo Defeo from ArsTinctoria and Giovanni Perotto from the Italian Institute of Technology, who was the moderator as well as the local host. And what a beautiful location!

The recording of the event is available in Festival della Scienza site

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