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Elisa Palomino offers twenty-five years-experience designing for luxury fashion brands internationally such John Galliano and Christian Dior and creating her own brand. Fashion Print lecturer at Central Saint Martins and at international universities engaging students with sustainability. Anthropology Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution, studying Arctic Indigenous fishskin as an ecological resource in contemporary sustainable fashion. Encouraging indigenous artisans to preserve their fishskin skills through socially engaging projects. In 2019, she received a Fulbright scholarship “Indigenous Arctic fish skin clothing.”  at the Smithsonian NMNH. She is the UAL principal investigator at the EU Horizon 2020: FishSkin, developing fish leather as a more sustainable material for fashion. Through EU COSME WORTH: 'Fish leather in the Luxury Industry' she has created a sustainable fish leather clutch collection. Her film 'Preservation of Hezhen Fishskin Tradition Through Fashion HE' has won the 'Best Green Fashion Film' award at the Fashion Film Festival Milano. 

Senior Lecturer Fashion Print

Senior Lecturer Fashion Marketing

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